What is P.R.E.A.?

PREA Rule 115.15(d)

National Standards to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Prison Rape

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE 28 CFR Part 115 Docket No. OAG-131; AG Order No. RIN 1105-AB34

The facility policies and procedures shall require staff of the opposite gender to announce their presence when entering an inmate housing unit (for jails, prisons & group homes) or an area where detainees or residents are likely to be showering, performing bodily functions, or changing clothing.

Does It Apply To Me?

A Far-Reaching Law

PREA Applies to the following correctional facilities and organizations:

  1. Bureau of Indian Affairs
  2. Court Houses
  3. Detention Centers
  4. Federal Bureau of Prisons
  5. Halfway Houses
  6. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  7. Jails
  8. Juvenile Centers
  9. Parole Commission
  10. Private Managed Secure Detention Facilities
  11. Military Correctional Facilities
  12. State Facilities
  13. Marshals Service

How Do I Stay Compliant?

PREA Culture Adoption

PREA Rule Decals, Magnets, and Stencils are a simple way to help you meet the PREA standard.

Three ways to use:
  1. MAGNETS: Metal doors of housing units
  2. STICKERS: Intake and booking areas
  3. STENCILS: Concrete walls  or sidewalks
Reasons to Use:
  1. Support the PREA Law
  2. Support dignity and respect for prisoners
  3. Support reminding staff
  4. Support training
  5. Support facility policies and procedures
  6. Support PREA audit questions.